Among the offered services: the painting of facades and interiors – in particular, wall and ceiling paintings, frescoes, fluorescent painting. Also: painting and decorating furniture and accessories, patina, gilding, imitation of a natural stone and wood, decorative plaster, sculpture, artistic reliefs.

Pictorial art and painting in the interior is art that many years will delight you, effectively decorate and transform the interior of your home and will make it individual. Besides wall painting increase the visual space, creates a comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in your house.

Today the painting of the walls is in great attention and popularity. Wall painting can expand the boundaries of their possessions with the help of beautiful scenery or works of art. In the interior of apartments wall paintings allow to produce the illusion of three-dimensional images. And drawn images seem real, and you want to see otherwise, coming close.

Artistic walland ceilings paintings used when you need special atmosphere in the workroom, living room, children’s room. Decorative paintings decorate the interior of fashionable shops, restaurants and clubs. Artists can offer the various painting the walls, which will blend with your surroundings.